Welcome to Bonchon Born in Busan South Korea 2002 Founded by Jinduk Seo Jinduk obsessively perfected bonchon’s signature sauces & fried chicken Raised in the heart of New York City Our Story Quote -Korean Our Story Quote -English

Our Mission: To share the joy of Korean comfort food around the world.

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Our Story KFC

Fried, fried, for crunch crunch

The Secret Behind our Korean Fried Chicken

Hand battered Double fried Hand brushed

Psst Our chef in South Korea creates recipes for our sauces and all of our Korean comfort foods to share the joy of Bonchon around the world.

They’re legit delicious.

Bonchon Chicken is straight mukbang material. Muk-what? Muk-order-up-and-stuff-your-face deliciousness. That’s what! So, you in? It’s time to

Crunch out loud